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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brother/Sister Matching Outfits…

What fun I have had dressing my children, ALIKE. My four year old daughter, our Carrot Top, request it! She loves for her baby brother to match her. Really, I think she may like the fuss everyone makes over them when they are in the same smocked plates.

They look adorable wearing the Silly Goose Fish ensemble. She has beautiful blue eyes which pop when she has on this short set and he looks so cute in the coordinating bubble. We had it on at her best friend’s birthday party.

Still one of my favorites is the Anavini Pirate romper and Mermaid sundress. Every boy loves pirates, though ours is too young to know it yet. And what red head doesn’t think she is a mermaid?!! This Mermaid sundress is an adorable style and looks so fun, yet classic on.

We are a huge fan of crabs, we always have been. We live right by the Chesapeake Bay, so it is only natural for us to like to eat crabs, decorate with crab decor, and of course, have our children wear crabs! So, our little Miss Carrot Top, picked the Remember Nguyen Crab “twirly dress” for herself and we matched her brother in the shortall. The orange and green are a great color combination for the summer.

I, of course, had to have matching bathing suits for the kids. We, again, let our daughter pick. She decided “the seahorses would be best!” So, we pulled the Anavini seahorse bikini and swim trunks for them. They will be perfect on our family vacation. I paired hers with the Bows by Betsy twiddle flip flops in green. If you have not seen these, you should look at them. They are “show stoppers” everywhere we go. Our daughter is not allowed to wear them to preschool, which is a good thing. It is the only way I can give them a break!!!

If you have siblings, take advantage of dressing them alike. It is fun, and you can only do it while they are young!!!