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Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Smocked Halloween Outfits for the Fall

Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, and more. We feature it all in our new collection of appliqued and smocked halloween outfits for this fall. Whether it be a smocked Frankenstein and Dracula t-shirt from Vive La Fete or an odorable witches hat smocked bishop dress from Secret Wishes, you child is sure to be wearing a conversation piece.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

New this Fall - Monogrammed Sweaters

THE Monogram Sweater….

We are so excited to be carrying Claver’s monogram sweater. Personalizing this to your taste, or your child’s, is simple. It is 4 easy decisions:
First, tell us what size
Second, tell us what letter
Third, tell us the body color
Forth, tell us the letter color

When we have all of the information, we will place your order. Please allow approximately 6 weeks for delivery. If you are thinking of doing them for Christmas (Which they are great for this) order soon! We want you to have them in time for pictures!!!

They are great paired with the Claver feather wale cords. Our little guy looks so adorable in his baby blue sweater with a big red “H” And I have paired it with bright red cords!!! And of course our Carrot Top went straight for a pink and green combination. I even ordered hers a bit big to get 2 years wear out of it!

Thank you Claver for making such a great sweater!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brother/Sister Matching Outfits…

What fun I have had dressing my children, ALIKE. My four year old daughter, our Carrot Top, request it! She loves for her baby brother to match her. Really, I think she may like the fuss everyone makes over them when they are in the same smocked plates.

They look adorable wearing the Silly Goose Fish ensemble. She has beautiful blue eyes which pop when she has on this short set and he looks so cute in the coordinating bubble. We had it on at her best friend’s birthday party.

Still one of my favorites is the Anavini Pirate romper and Mermaid sundress. Every boy loves pirates, though ours is too young to know it yet. And what red head doesn’t think she is a mermaid?!! This Mermaid sundress is an adorable style and looks so fun, yet classic on.

We are a huge fan of crabs, we always have been. We live right by the Chesapeake Bay, so it is only natural for us to like to eat crabs, decorate with crab decor, and of course, have our children wear crabs! So, our little Miss Carrot Top, picked the Remember Nguyen Crab “twirly dress” for herself and we matched her brother in the shortall. The orange and green are a great color combination for the summer.

I, of course, had to have matching bathing suits for the kids. We, again, let our daughter pick. She decided “the seahorses would be best!” So, we pulled the Anavini seahorse bikini and swim trunks for them. They will be perfect on our family vacation. I paired hers with the Bows by Betsy twiddle flip flops in green. If you have not seen these, you should look at them. They are “show stoppers” everywhere we go. Our daughter is not allowed to wear them to preschool, which is a good thing. It is the only way I can give them a break!!!

If you have siblings, take advantage of dressing them alike. It is fun, and you can only do it while they are young!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Smocked Dresses for Spring/Summer '08

Every season brings a popular trend of similar smocked plates between brands. This spring, the popular fad seems to be zoo animals. Both Anavini and Vive La Fete have introduced the cutest zoo designs for smocked dresses that I have seen in years. Anavini's smocked zoo bishop dress was designed with a friendly Zebra and Lion riding on the back of a colorful aligator trailed by a lazy sea turtle. Vive La Fete's zoo bishop has a wonderful arrangement of a green polka dotted hippo, a pink elephant, and other fun creatures displayed on a summer blue background. Both brands complimented these dresses with a smocked shortall & bubble for boys. Other popular smocked designs this spring include a smocked popsicle dress by Zuccini, a smocked fish bishop by Silly Goose, and a smocked topiary dress by Secret Wishes...

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Monday, October 8, 2007

The Perfect Outfit for Every Occasion….

Is Sunday morning at your house about running around getting dressed for church? They use to be at ours, until we discovered so many great outfits that can not only be worn to church and holiday functions, but are also perfect for school and even football games!

We absolutely love Anavini’s plaid jumper that is hand smocked with brightly colored fall leaves. It is already paired with a shirt piped in the same fabric, so it makes it super easy to get dressed. You know our Carrot Top will be wearing this great dress lots this fall. It is going to be adorable on her field trip to the pumpkin patch and yet, still dressy enough for Thanksgiving dinner at our parents.

I love ANYTHING monogrammed, especially outfits in a unique color scheme. I immediately fell in love with the corduroy float dress from Peaches ‘n Cream. This blue jay colored dress is piped in the softest lilac thread color and is great when monogrammed in the lilac is the most unique color combination. We get stopped every time our child is wearing this dress.

School pictures are always a fun day, and this school year is no exception. We were thrilled to have the Remember Nguyen school bus dress. This short sleeve smocked bishop is already getting lots of mileage at our house. It was adorable for her first day of school, pictures, and even to wear to church this fall. And our preschooler loves the school bus and school house that are smocked on the front. The color combinations make you want to sharpen your pencils and buy a new notebook!! She loves the fact that her cousin has the matching Smocked Jon Jon!

Our college homecoming was a blast this past weekend. We love going and seeing all of our friend’s and of course their children! Anavini has created the perfect smocked outfit for your future quarterback and we loved seeing our nephew and godson wearing them to this fun event. The adorable blue and white check Jon Jon is hand smocked with three football players and paired with a matching top. The football players are all wearing different colored uniforms, so it is perfect for to wear to ANY football game. For the older boy, Anavini created the same look with a smocked long sleeve t-shirt and pull-on pant. Both of these outfits are great for a football game or any other occasion throughout the fall.

Smocked children's clothing and monogrammed children's clothing are timeless. They are perfect for running around on the playground and wearing to church. Do not let that great outfit only get one wear…

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Pre-Season Sale...

This is our Children's Clothing Boutique's first Fall season on the web, so we thought we would celebrate with a Fall Pre-Season Sale. We are excited to offer 10% off all Fall merchandise from now until August 15th. We have over half of our inventory in stock and new items are arriving daily. We are really excited about our offerings. We spent a great deal of time finding fun play wear, traditional monogrammable garments, and of course, lots of hand smocked items. We went coat crazy!! Have you seen all of the fun coats from Coco Bonbons? And wait to you see the unique monogrammable coats from Peaches n' Cream. They are expected to arrive anytime now. And because so many of you have requested it, we are in the process of adding a wardrobe basics category. We will have plain white peter pan collared shirts, basic sweaters, diaper covers for both girls and boys, slips, and basic socks (those hard to find knee socks!)

We have tried to meet every frustrated Mom's needs. We have decided to sell quite a few things in sets. Who wants to find the perfect Mulberry Street Jumper online, and then have to hunt down the perfectly piped shirt to match? Not me, so we decided to pair a few things up. We would love a bit of feedback on this. Is it helpful?

Please check back with us often. We are anxiously awaiting lots of our smocked goods from Anavini, Secret Wishes, Zuccini, and Remember Nguyen. We also have great clothes coming from LaJenn's Heirlooms and Le Cirque. And remember us for all of your children's holiday clothes. Holiday clothes will begin to arrive in September!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

First One...

Well, we finally have our blog up and running. We have wanted to get started with a blog, so we all could share some "clothing advice!" I am excited to have this space to share with everyone all of the exciting things happening with Carrot Top Clothes. We are THRILLED with our Fall selection and hope everyone will keep visiting to see all of the exciting things arriving. We have a few Fall things already on the web site and are adding new things daily. Here is a secret, order early for the best selection, and even better, for our Pre-Season Sale. We will have 10% of all of our Fall clothes until August 15th.

See a brand you love, but are looking for something special? Send us an email and let me try and get it for you. I would love for everyone to post comments, questions, concerns, etc. on our blog. Hope to hear from everyone soon!!!